Keep all of
on the same page.

The most versatile, user-friendly tool for organizing and managing virtual or in-person events.

More than an invitation

Behind every pretty invitation is a set of tools designed to make any event easier. For everyone.

Customize with a single click

Pick and choose the event tools your group needs, anytime. For free.

Message Board

A central forum โ€“ perfect for larger groups or fan bases

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A standard, linear chat (like Slack, or Messenger)

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Shared Resources

Post important links & files for easy group access

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Guest List

Manage your invitations and assign administrator roles

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Keep your group organized and on time

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Photo Wall

A central gallery for guests to share their favorite event photos

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An interactive map of hotels and Airbnbs near your event

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Group Checklist

Create packing lists, to-do items, and more!

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Partner discounts on products & services related to your event

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Video Chat

Host planning meetings, online classes, virtual conferences, etc.

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Wrangle 10 people.. or 1000

With an organized and private event board, your group can stay informed and up-to-date. Share resources, build your schedule, and send announcements & reminders.

Simple & Stylish Invitations

Choose or upload a splash photo, and send invitations via SMS, your email contacts, a CSV, or by sharing an invitation link.

Central, Shared Resources

Give everyone easy access to important files, Google docs, and other relevant links they may need for everything to run smoothly.

FREE up to 30 guests ๐ŸŽ‰
  • Guest List w/ Unlimited Invites
  • Message Board
  • Chat
  • Schedule Builder
  • Photo Wall
  • Video Chat
  • Accommodations Map
  • Group Checklist
  • Shared Resources
  • Guestboard Deals

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